Box-iPASSIVE FR Acrylic-White-310ml-Cartridge-25 Units

Box-iPASSIVE FR Acrylic-White-310ml-Cartridge-25 Units

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Product Description

iPASSIVE FR Acrylic cures to give a firm and flexible seal when subjected to atmospheric conditions. In exposure to fire, iPASSIVE FR Acrylic creates a fire seal by forming a robust intumescent char. iPASSIVE FR Acrylic will also maintain the acoustic performance in walls and floors.

iPASSIVE FR Acrylic can be used with a suitable backing material in order to ensure the correct seal depth and reduce shrinking of the sealant during curing.


  • Fire sealing for all types of constructions and service penetrations
  • Low emissions – environmentally & user friendly
  • Up to 4hrs FRR
  • Activates at 180°C
  • Acoustic rating up to 62dB
  • 12.5% movement
  • No priming necessary for application to most materials
  • Suitable for most surfaces including concrete, masonry, steel, glass, gypsum, plastics
  • Tack free after 1hr
  • 18 months storage time under correct conditions
  • Suitable for copper/aluminium conductors & fibre optic cables
  • 30yrs working life